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1. We listen carefully to understand your EMR goals.

There are many different reasons for implementing an EMR in your health care practice. Your may wish to enhance the efficiency of your practice, streamline administrative processes, gain better access to clinical information, improve patient care – or all of the above. Thanks to our deep understanding of clinical practice, we can help you set concrete, achievable goals for your EMR project.

2. We explain how GlobeMed can be tailored to suit your preferred workflow.

We appreciate that many practitioners feel overwhelmed by the task of reviewing and comparing detailed specification sheets from a range of EMR vendors, then trying to select which one best fits their needs. At Alpha IT, we take all the time that’s needed to understand your current workflow, and – without overwhelming you with complex jargon or unnecessary detail – suggest how GlobeMed can be tailored to enhance your preferred workflow and deliver the capabilities you desire.

3. We identify what computer changes and furniture upgrades you may require to get the most out of GlobeMed.

In many cases, health care practices will need to upgrade their current computer hardware and network infrastructure to implement a contemporary EMR system. Alpha’s IT account managers actively assist in this process, usually visiting your office to view your current configuration and recommend what new computer, cabling, furniture and other adjustments may be required to optimize your GlobeMed installation. We can recommend specific hardware options, and direct you to experienced third-party suppliers who are familiar with our rigorous standards.

4. We develop a formal Scope of Work and quotation for your GlobeMed solution.

Based on the understanding of your specific circumstances gained up to this point, we develop a comprehensive scope of work for your GlobeMed installation that details what work is to be done and by whom, and the associated fees and implementation timelines.

5. Once the project contract has been signed, we begin preparing for installation.

Once we have each signed the contract for your GlobeMed purchase, we encourage you to have your new computers shipped directly to us so that we can pre-install and configure your new GlobeMed software in advance of its installation. Alternatively, we can arrange for an experienced technician to come to your site to load the software.

6. We’re on-site with you to manage the ‘go-live’ process.

You can count on Alpha IT’s experienced implementation team to effectively manage all the details of your installation. First, we’re there to help set-up and oversee the process of flawlessly migrating your current patient records into the GlobeMed database. Then, we complete the changeover process, including a demanding testing protocol, to ensure your new system is operational and bug-free.

7. Our GlobeMed trainers are licensed physicians.

Building on your team’s initial understanding of GlobeMed’s capabilities gained during our pre-sale collaboration, we conduct detailed training for both the clinical and administrative members of your practice team. Most having been trained as physicians themselves, our clinical trainers understand what you need to know right away to be productive, helping ensure that you – and your patients – experience a seamless and worry-free transition.

8. Once you’re up and running, our experienced personnel are available around the clock to support you.

Inevitably, there will be times when you need a helping hand remembering how to retrieve a specific type of record or conduct an infrequently performed task. The Alpha IT technical support team is always available to help. Our staff are present in our Toronto office six days a week; outside these hours, your call to our Help Desk will be returned within minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

9. We seamlessly install upgrades and enhancements.

Your practice is not disrupted when it’s time to install software upgrades or program enhancements. Instead, we are able to access your software program remotely in order to implement the latest features.

10. We’re ready when you are to expand your use of GlobeMed’s advanced features.

It’s rare that a health care practice acquires GlobeMed and immediately puts all of the software’s advanced features to work. More commonly, our clients begin with scheduling, billing and selected EMR modules until they are completely comfortable. But when you’re ready to activate more of the features that come built-into GlobeMed, we’re there to help you achieve greater productivity gains and further improve the quality of care you deliver to your patients.