1. It helps you make more informed clinical decisions.

Patient care revolves around information. Some information you already have, some you receive from others, some you obtain when seeing the patient. GlobeMed electronically collects and combines this disparate data and presents it in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand format that helps make better clinical decisions. Read more about making informed clinical decisions…


2. It facilitates your established workflow.

You don’t need to change your workflow to suit our software. We begin by understanding your clinical workflow, then carefully configure GlobeMed’s numerous features so that the software actually enhances, not complicates, your existing workflow. Finally, we thoroughly train your practice team so you quickly realize the benefits of this fully certified and approved tool. Read more about facilitating your established workflow…


3. It frees-up time you can spend focusing on patients.

Chances are, you spend an inordinate amount of time performing small routine tasks, from writing clinical notes to signing requisitions. Between its single-view Clinical Encounter Screen, powerful Physician Dashboard and versatile Day Sheet, GlobeMed frees-up time you can devote to what’s truly important: listening to patients and helping them be healthy. Read more about freeing-up time to focus on your patients…


4. We support you every step of the way.

We recognize the stress and disruption that is usually associated with changes in technology. Thanks to our team of seasoned account managers, knowledgeable trainers and technicians who are available to support you around-the-clock, we ensure that you will enjoy a worry-free experience when planning and implementing your GlobeMed software solution. Read more about enjoying a worry-free implementation experience…


5. We’ve served the healthcare community for decades.

Alpha is a healthcare company that expanded into technology to enhance patient care. Ever since we opened our first medical lab back in 1971, our family-owned business has been singularly focused on serving healthcare providers, patients and the community at large. And we continue to expand our roster of innovative products and services as we strive to advance healthcare for all. Read more about our commitment to serving the healthcare community…