Advancing the state of medical knowledge and clinical practice has been part of Alpha Healthcare’s ‘DNA’ since the company opened its first medical lab in 1971. Despite the accelerating pace of new developments in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment – and the pressure on practitioners to ‘do more with less’ due to the aging population and constrained funding – Alpha remains firmly committed to its mission: advancing healthcare for all.

Recognizing that the burgeoning field of information technology offered new possibilities for improving the quality of patient care and enhancing healthcare outcomes, in 2000 Alpha created Alpha IT – a division of the company focused on conducting innovative information technology research and developing practical IT solutions to contemporary healthcare challenges.


Our Research Approach

Three fundamental principles drive Alpha IT’s approach to research: leveraging our multidisciplinary R&D team, following a disciplined research methodology; and conducting all our research in Canada, not overseas. All our research is overseen by the company’s director of research, Dr. William Melek, PhD, PEng. Read More


Strategic Partnerships

While Alpha IT possesses a wealth of full-time internal expertise, it actively engages in strategic partnerships with leading academic institutions in order to jointly explore new frontiers in healthcare research and practice. Read More


Patents And Projects

Over the past decade, Alpha IT has been actively working on a range of projects – many involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) – to help advance the quality of care provided by physicians, and improve the efficacy and efficiency of the broader healthcare system. Read More