Thanks to the clinical expertise of members of Alpha IT’s staff, and the fact Alpha owns and operates several healthcare clinics, we understand the need for efficient and accurate practice billing.

‘Smart’ billing screen: Since each patient’s data is already pre-populated in the billing entry screen, you simply begin to type the Service Code and Diagnosis Code for the encounter, and GlobeMed does the rest!

Here are some specific ways GlobeMed’s Billing module streamlines the operation of your practice:

Seamless integration with scheduling

Every patient visit that appears in your practice’s schedule has a corresponding billing field, ensuring that no patient visits are left unbilled.

Automatic claims

Right from within GlobeMed’s unique Clinical Encounter Screen, the software enables practitioners to instantly create a billing claim, then verify its accuracy. This capability applies for all types of payers: government, insurance company or the individual patient. Alternatively, you can record billing codes on your Day Sheet and have them entered by your administrative staff at the end of the day.

Payment tracking

GlobeMed’s powerful capabilities enable your administrative staff to create invoices and generate statements, then manage the receipt and posting of remittances, including seamlessly scanning and archiving paper-based payment records. The software effectively tracks aged patient accounts and identifies lost revenue, helping ensure you are properly paid for the care you deliver.

Flexible billing reporting

You can easily select how you wish to view and generate GlobeMed’s electronic or printed versions of your practice’s billing activity (e.g., total billing by physician, by patient, or by time period).

Worry-free audit compliance

GlobeMed constantly creates a comprehensive and secure audit trail of all your activities that is fully compliant with HIPAA requirements.