Although your administrative staff may be very comfortable with their existing billing and scheduling capabilities, you may be looking ahead and recognizing the importance of adopting Electronic Medical Record software to boost your productivity and enhance the quality of patient care.

Reasons to upgrade now

There are also practical factors that may compel you to upgrade sooner than later. The 32-bit computers that ran older practice management systems are no longer available, and their operating system (usually Microsoft Windows XP) is no longer supported. Furthermore, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is changing its record submission protocols, which can render older software obsolete.

The GlobeMed update path

Alpha IT’s GlobeMed platform is an ideal option for your billing and scheduling upgrade. The software runs on a modern server, operating system and database. GlobeMed can be used strictly as a Practice Management system if you so choose, with the option of adding EMR capabilities over time – all without needing to invest in new hardware.

Upgrade timing

Typically, a period of six to eight weeks is needed to plan and execute an orderly transition from your existing software to GlobeMed. In fact, we encourage you to keep your previous system on hand for several months after GlobeMed goes live so you can reconcile previous billing and access any information that was not fully migrated. With GlobeMed, you can rest assured that you’ve invested in an adaptable, future-focused electronic records solution that will keep your practice moving forward.
Let us explain how to successfully migrate to GlobeMed