Effectively managing the flow of patients outside the treatment room is a vital contributor to a successful and profitable practice. GlobeMed has been specially designed to make it easy for your administrative staff to book or adjust appointments, welcome new patients, update existing patient demographic data, and generally enhance the productivity of your practice.

Drag-and-drop schedule screen: GlobeMed gives you complete control over how you view your schedule. When appointments inevitably change, your administrative staff can simply slide them to a new time with no re-typing required.

Here are some specific ways GlobeMed’s Scheduling module optimizes the efficiency of your practice:

Automated check-in

Since GlobeMed is linked to your health card reading device, patients are efficiently checked-in to your office, with the option of automatically or manually entering their arrival time.

Customizable schedule entries

You decide what information you wish to see in each patient’s appointment listing. In addition to the basics of gender, date of birth and health card number, you can choose to include the patient’s phone number, visit type and urgency, and billing status.

Colour-coded schedule

At a glance, the GlobeMed screen indicates which patients have yet to arrive for their appointment, have arrived, and are in your treatment room.

Flexible schedule display

You can view your calendar a day at a time, by week or by month. For group practices, one or more practitioners’ schedules can be displayed at the same time.

Drag-and-drop rescheduling

When patients phone to say they must cancel their appointment, your staff can simply drag and drop the original booking to a new timeslot that you choose, or that GlobeMed finds for you. No retyping is required.

Dynamic task lists

To optimize practice productivity, GlobeMed includes a constantly updated task list that shows actions needing attention by administrative staff or practitioners or both. Without needing to leave the treatment area to speak with the front desk, practitioners can type a quick note that immediately appears on the staff member’s desk, ready for action.