November 28, 2016, Toronto Ontario

Alpha Global IT is pleased to announce that its leading GlobeMed™ EMR software is now available as a certified ASP (Application Service Provider) EMR offering in Ontario.  GlobeMed successfully completed OntarioMD ASP certification meeting all the requirements based on OntarioMD specifications as part of the ASP EMR Expansion program.

GlobeMed is currently Alpha Global IT’s flagship Local EMR solution certified by OntarioMD since 2010.

Physicians in Ontario now have more options to choose from when deciding which type of EMR solution works best in their practice.

“We are extremely pleased that with our flagship model being certified as an ASP EMR solution, Alpha Global IT is now able to provide our clients with more choices to transition and tailor their practices successfully into an EMR that best meets their needs, based on their specific workflow,” said Dr. Kurian, President of Alpha Global IT.

Alpha Global IT is part of Alpha Healthcare, a family-based company that has been in the healthcare field for over 45 years.

Alpha Healthcare provides Medical Laboratory Diagnostics, Diagnostic Imaging and Bone Density, Industrial/Analytical Laboratory Testing, Medical Clinics and health IT solutions to Canadians.

For more information, please contact Alpha at 416 449 2166.

Dr. C. J Kurian, President,

Alpha Healthcare