Alpha IT is proud to note that its GlobeMed EMR version 2.0 fully complies with the stringent requirements of Ontario MD’s EMR Specification 4.1, making the software fully eligible for funding under the Ontario EMR Adoption Program.

The Ontario EMR Specification, commonly referred to as the ‘Spec’, is the set of business and technical requirements that EMR Offerings must meet in order to be Funding Eligible under Ontario’s EMR Adoption Programs.

Some of the new features incorporated in Spec 4.1 include:

  • Integration to the Hospital Report Manager (HRM).
  • Integration to the Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS).
  • Preliminary alignment to the Pan-Canadian Primary Health Care EMR Content Standards and support for a data extract.
  • Assurance that the EMR vendor is ISO 13485(2003) certified, which provides assurance that the vendor has adopted and maintains high quality business processes and business systems to manage product design and development, and risk management.
  • Issuance of Release Notifications and Release Notes for every new software Release.